Reward Charts That Work!
Tried, tested and proven to Succeed...Guaranteed!
De - Stress Your Life!
You Need The My Three Aspies Reward System!
* You can customise your rewards chart to suit your children
The My Three Aspies Reward Charts System provides easy positive motivation to improve behaviour and independence!
Suitable for all ages from Toddler to Teenager.

Each pack of over 30 pages contains the following:
- Full instructions on how to use the system
- Toddler Charts
- Themed Charts
- Dinner Rewards Chart
- Homework Rewards Chart
- Reading Rewards Chart
- School Classroom Chart
- Family Rewards Chart
- Teenage Organiser Chart
- Secondary Homework Chart
- Printable Motivational Stickers and Task Labels
- Dinosaurs, Princess', Trains, Super Heros and Rockets!

Download the complete system now and organize your family for ONLY $2.95!

Psychologist recommended as a Postitive Parenting Strategy!

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Establish your Goals
Read through our simple instructions.
Create a list of achievements for your child, make them simple or complex.
Personalise your Chart
Choose from several vibrant templates and add in your child's details, tailored to their needs.
Print and See Results
Print in colour or black and white, place in a highly visible area and watch as your child enjoys reaching their goals!
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